What is UNU Alumni Association

What is UNU Alumni Association

The UNU Alumni Association was established in December 2007, mainly for the graduates of the UNU Capacity Development Course “Global Seminars”, which has been managed for 30 years by UNU Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  The association came to cover graduates from UNU’s other various capacity development courses; such as the UNU International Courses, the UNU Joint Graduate Courses, and the UNU Summer School which have been entirely implemented by the UNU Headquarters, and the UNU-IAS PhD Fellowship Programme which is by UNU-IAS in Yokohama.  After that, the UNU Charter was amended in 2009 and the UNU-ISP Postgraduate Programme was established in September 2010 at the UNU Headquarters. Since then the association has included the postgraduates of the programme. Now the association consists of the postgraduates from UNU Postgraduate Programmes in Japan and the graduates from the short courses offered by UNU in Japan. These programmes and short courses are to make tremendous efforts to solve global issues from the various kinds of view and to deepen the mutual understanding.  Over the past thirty years, they have produced more than 3,000 alumni, and they are spread out across the globe, active in UNU agencies, other international bodies, academia, and NGOs. 

国連大学(UNU)では、国際社会が直面する緊急課題の解決のための研究者や専門実践家の養成を目的として、世界各地で各種の人材養成プログラムを実施しています。その中で、東京にある国連大学本部及び横浜の国連大学高等教育研究所が行っている人材養成コース(「グローバルセミナー」、「国際講座」、「サマースクール」、「大学院共同講座」、「高等研究所フェローシッププログラム」)修了生を対象とした「UNU人材養成コース同窓会(United Nations University Capacity Development Course Alumni Association)」が、2007年12月14日(金)に設立されました。

この同窓会は、修了生たちが研修終了後も情報交流の機会を持ち、国連大学の状況や研究内容についても知識や情報を積極的に共有することによって、今後いっそうの活躍が行えることを目指しています。国連大学大学院の開設に伴い、2011年度から、同窓会の名称を「UNU Alumni Assciation」と改称しました。本法人では国連大学と連携したうえで、同窓会事務局として、修了生の中から選出された同窓会幹事と協議の上、運営事務にあたっています。

Who can join?

Anyone who has completed a capacity development program of UNU and research fellows are welcome to join.

日本を拠点とする国連大学の人材育成コースを修了・あるいは参加された方、 リサーチフェロー等が対象となります。

Membership fee



What are the benefits?

Benefit is not limited to receive alumni-only invitations to exclusive events in Japan, to connect with alumni in your field of work or interest and to enjoy your free subscription to JFUNU Weekly Updates.

同窓会イベントへのご招待、国連大学同窓生との交流を広げたり、 またJFUNUメールマガジンが無料でお楽しみいただけます。

  1. Invitation to reunion events
    UNU/jfUNU Junior Fellows Symposium

    First, you will be invited to a reunion event called “Junior Fellows Symposium”. This symposium is held every 2 years, and more than 100 alumni members gather here in Tokyo from across the world. It is a great opportunity to build a network…
  2. UNU Alumni Café
    UNU Alumni Café-Lino Sciarra (IC 2001 / UN PKO-MINUSTAH)

    There is another great opportunity for alumni members. You will be invited as a speaker at a seminar event called UNU Alumni Café.



UNU Alumni Association Secretariat
UNU-HQ 4F, The Japan Foundation for the United Nations University 5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 1508925 Japan
TEL +81-3-5467-1368
FAX +81-3-5467-1349
Email unualumni@unu.edu