UNU/jfUNU Jr. Fellows Symposium 2011

The concept of "Human Security" has its origin in UNDP's suggestion at their "Human Development Report" in 1994; that is, in order to realize further global developments, it is important to ensure not only national security but also individual human-beings' securities.

Human Security- Towards New Development - International Law, Natural Disasters, Peace Building, and Educational Development

After that, this new concept of securities is getting a great deal of attention as a global issue involving the developed countries ; that is, it recently covers not only the issues of survival conditions in the developing countries and the ones of people facing on shortage and poverty caused from conflicts among the countries , but also the new problems such as domestic and ethnic conflicts occurred with any difference of their respective races, religions, and cultures. Considering the situation of the recent human security, this symposium will address new development of the human security from multiple points of view; such as the international law in center, natural disasters, peace building, etc.

Date and Time:
Friday, 16 December 2011; 13:30 - 17:15
"U Thant International Conference Hall"; United Nations University
Co-sponsored by:
United Nations University Institution of Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP), The Japan Foundation for UNU (jfUNU)
Supported by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan /Ministry of Education, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan (under a process of application)
Simultaneous Interpretation (English/Japanese)
13:30 Opening Remarks
14:00 Keynote Lecture, "Implication of Human Security Concept for International Law" By Jun Matsukuma, Professor - Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; Institute of Global Studies; International Law
15:15 Panel Discussion -
"Human Security and International Law" - Jun Matsukuma -
"Human Security and Natural Disaster" - Vesselin Popovski, UNU Senior Academic Programme Officer -
"Human Security -- Peace Building and United Nations" - Daisaku Higashi, Associate Professor, Human Security Program (Peace Building), Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo -
"Human Security and Educational Development" ‐Miki Sugimura, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, Sophia University
Facilitator: Miki Sugimura




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