Becoming a Supporting Member of UNU

Membership Categories

(1) Student Member

(2) Non-Student Member


Membership Application

Fill out the Application Form with the required information, and send it to us by mail, fax or E-mail.


Paying Your Membership Fee

Your membership fee must be paid by postal transfer from your nearest post office. After your remittance is confirmed, we will send you your Membership Card. The deadline for payment is one month after the date we receive your membership application form.

Our postal transfer account is as follows.

Account number : No. 00100-3-185914
(Zai) Kokuren Daigaku Kyoryokukai

Membership Fees

Student Member  ¥5,000 annually
Non-student member  ¥ 10,000 annually

* Make sure to write your name, address and telephone number on the postal transfer slip.

* The handling fee for the Postal Transfer must be paid for by the applicant.

* Membership fees received cannot be refunded.

* Members shall be issued a membership card that is valid for a year and however many days are left in the month of issue.


Privileges for Members

  • Members are entitled to use the UNU Library with the privileges same as UNU staff members, including borrowing library books. (Members can also borrow library book(s) by mail.)
  • Members will receive advance notice of all major UNU events.
  • UNU periodicals published by the UNU Public Affairs Section and the UNU Press will be mailed to you free of charge. (State your desired language in the Membership Application Form.)


1. “JFUNU Newsletter”

A compilation of reports on UNU's current projects issued by JFUNU.

2. “UNU Annual Report”

An extensive description of the state of academic, administrative and other activities of UNU during the year. Available in English and Japanese editions