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United Nations University is an only UN organization headquartered in Japan.小宮山理事長The University aims to foster understanding and solve "pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare." The problems it takes up include serious environmental issues ranging from climate change, desertification, exhaustion of water resources, to pollution of natural environment as well as those related to the governance of human society, including the issues of conflict prevention, peace-keeping, and democracy and human rights. It tries to come up with solutions to these problems through academic analysis, makes policy recommendations to governments as well as various UN agencies, and conducts diversified training programmers aiming at producing trained human resources that can be mobilized in the tasks to solve these problems.

Although it is an official UN organization, UNU does not receive budget allocation from the UN Headquarters. Instead, it finances it activities mainly with the operational profits generated by the Endowment Fund made up of voluntary contributions from various governments, including Japan, as well as business and other organizations and private individuals. The University aims to acquire a total of 500 million dollars for its Endowment Fund, which today stands at a little over a half of the target amount. The University still needs more financial supports from around the world in order to accomplish the originally intended scope of activities.


The Japan Foundation for UNU

The Japan Foundation for UNU was established in 1985 to serve as a receptacle for financial contributions to United Nations University from private sectors of Japan. JFUNU maintains its office in the UNU's headquarters facility in Shibuya, Tokyo. All contributions to JFUNU are exempted from tax in Japan. Utilizing the funds generated by the contributions, JFUNU is supporting various UNU projects such as UNU Global Seminars, annual UN Day Symposium, and other activities UNU conducts in Japan. The Foundation also support UNU by organizing a UNU sympathizers' group, "The Friends of UNU." Your contribution to JFUNU is most welcome.

Hiroshi Komiyama, Chief Executive Director